DIY Patio Furniture Ideas

Summer is finally here and it’s the best time to be outside in your backyard enjoying the sun, some drinks, and relaxation time. It’s also a great time for some backyard DIY projects. If your patio furniture is looking a bit stale or you’re ready to switch it up, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Emerge2 can help! Here are some easy DIY patio furniture ideas that will not take up a lot of your time to inspire you:


After a long day working in the yard, there’s nothing better than kicking back on a comfy seat. Even better if you’re lounging on something you made! Here are some DIY seating ideas for your patio:

Cinder Block Bench
This is a simple seating solution that requires very few materials – just cinder blocks, 4x4s and a caulking gun with some adhesive. Use the adhesive to attach stacked cinder blocks on either side and then place the 4x4s through the square-shaped holes of the blocks. The beauty in this simple design is that you can change the shape if you want. If you want a higher back on your bench, just stack the cinder blocks higher on the sides and feed the 4x4s through.

Pallet Seating
Using pallets for backyard furniture has been on trend for years. That’s because they are often a source of cheap (or sometimes free) wood that can be disassembled, cut, and reassembled in hundreds of ways.

When you’re selecting pallets, make sure you’re choosing pallets that are in good shape. Not every pallet is created equal. Look for a pallet with no cracks and is well built. It’ll take longer to disassemble, but having a solid piece of furniture at the end will be well worth it. There is a specialized pallet disassembling tool you can use to take apart your pallet, but a crowbar will work as well.

One of the coolest things you can make from a pallet is an adirondack chair. These classic summer chairs are the ultimate in backyard style and relaxation. With a few pallets and some basic hand tools, you can make one yourself! This project is a bit more in depth, but with some planning and some effort, you’ll have a great seat and conversation piece for your backyard.


Whether it’s the people in your neighborhood, family or friends, summer is the time for backyard grilling and entertaining. Why not build yourself some patio furniture and accessories to make your backyard an entertaining place you’ll love hosting in? Here are some cool ideas for your next big gathering:

Pallet Table
This idea could be a continuation of pallet seating or a stand-alone project when you want to create a one-of-a-kind accent table, coffee table or dining table.

Making a basic pallet table is quite simple. You’ll need four 4x4s, cut to the length you’d like the legs to be, a sander, hammer, nails, drills and screws. Use the four corners of the pallet as the guide for the four table legs. Make sure they are all the same length, brace them against the corners, and drill them in. Flip it over and you have a basic table! Sand it down and finish it with stain or paint.

Beverage Bar Station
When you’re entertaining, you want to spend as little of your time as possible in the house. With these beverage station ideas, you can spend that drink-making time outside so you never have to worry about missing out. The great thing about beverage stations is the variety of ways you can make one, adding different accessories if desired. Showcase your creative DIY and entertaining skills. Keep reading for more beverage bar station ideas.

Upcycled Door Beverage Station
This DIY project makes great use out of an old door. Once you’ve braced the bottom so that the door can stand on its own, you can add whatever you want to it to make it your own. One thing that works really well is attaching wooden shelves to your door. Having one at counter height is recommended when it comes to making your drinks. You can also add towel hooks, bottle openers, empty holders, chalkboard signs, racks to hang your glasses or anything else that will be helpful for you.

Built In Cooler
Everyone has an old cooler laying around that doesn’t get much use anymore. This project takes that cooler and makes it more functional by building a wooden frame around it. Once the cooler is framed, it can rest on the ground or legs can be added. Wheels can be added as well to give it some mobility. Having the wooden frame and legs allows you to customize the station to your needs. You can extend the boards past where the cooler sits to create a counter space. Adding a platform underneath can hold a case of beer or collect empties.

Canoe Cooler
If you’re hosting a big party, this is the beverage station you need. It can be as simple as filling a canoe with some ice and drinks and letting your guests help themselves. There are some more cool ways you can jazz up your station. One way is to use the sections of the canoe to separate different drinks and mixes. You can also create signs that you can stick in the ice or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, paint the canoe a new color or have your guests paint it! You don’t have to fill it with only bottles and cans – the shape and size of the canoe will allow for things like kegs and food platters, too.

Creating your own furniture for your patio can be fun, convenient, and rewarding – surprise your guests and yourself!

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