DIY Projects for Your Garden

Gardening is a favorite pastime for many homeowners, and as spring quickly approaches, garden enthusiasts are starting to dream about their outdoor projects.

If you’re looking for fun, simple, yet eye-catching DIY projects to take on, here are a few ideas to get your backyard ready for get-togethers, outdoor activities, or relaxation.

Many of these projects take a day or less to complete. Just imagine the lovely outdoor decor that you can create in just one weekend!

DIY Porch Swing

The ultimate addition to any backyard for a family with children, this project can be completed using sturdy, hemp or nylon rope that runs throughout this high-backed swing’s frame and arms. The woodgrain is emphasized through its yellow transparent stain while also protecting it with numerous coats of a satin-finish polyurethane. Any woodworker will be able to bang out this swing over the weekend, but the sealing and staining will add a few more days because of the required drying times between coats.

Pallet Wood Garden Walkway

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a whimsical walkway made from reclaimed wood in your garden, this super-easy tutorial is sure to tickle your fancy. While this garden walkway uses pallet wood, you can also use any scrap that you can get your hands on, and it will only take an afternoon of your time.

DIY Bird Bath

Here are 10 easy DIY bird bath projects. Bird baths make a great addition to your garden and are a must-have for any bird-friendly backyard space. These projects range from easy to moderate and you can get everything you need locally! Making birdbaths also lets you get creative, so go crazy and pick out your favorite colors and flowers to plant nearby.

DIY Firepit

Believe it or not, you can build a lovely firepit in just a couple of hours, perfect since you’ll want to sit outside around a fire on those cooler spring nights. Build your firepit out of cinder blocks or bricks using the easy tutorials from DIY fire pits. And, if you have a stack of bricks that are just looking for a DIY project – it won’t cost much at all to build. Be sure to research the bylaws when it comes to outdoor fires in your area.

DIY Succulent Garden

If you have an old water fountain, bird bath or bird cage that you aren’t using, you can turn it into a beautiful succulent garden in just a couple of hours. The great thing about a succulent garden is that they are easy to care for and grow so beautifully just about anywhere you plant them. Take any old container and add your favorite succulents to give your garden a lift. For an easy-to-follow tutorial, check out Gardentherapy.

Another option, if you have broken clay pots or any empty containers that you're not using, create a DIY succulent planter garden. Using your scraps– and the pieces – to create a unique succulent garden display.

DIY Bamboo Water Feature

Everyone loves the sound of trickling water and, if your garden lacks this ambiance, it may be time to add it!

Adding a soothing waterfall to your garden can be easy with a DIY bamboo water feature. This Japanese-inspired project is sure to help you to relax in your beautiful new garden and it won’t take you longer than a couple of hours to complete. The cost depends on where you get your bamboo, but overall it is very affordable and the perfect way to add some beauty to your outdoors. Family Handyman has a great tutorial that will walk you through every step of the way.