Must-Do DIYs for Dog Lovers

If you love DIYs and you love dogs, then we’ve got the must-do weekend projects that both you and your pooch will love. These stylish and functional ideas are perfect for upgrading your space for the four-legged members of your family.

Ball Blocking Base

Ball Blocking Base

Nothing slows down the fun of a rousing game of fetch like the ball rolling under the sofa. Then it’s not only your dog that’s on all fours, as you’re reaching under the furniture with the broom to pull out the missing toy. Luckily, there is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to get around this problem. Build a base to support the sofa rather than its existing legs.
Start by turning the sofa over and removing the legs.

Locate the base of the sofa and measure its circumference.
Using 2x4s, construct a square base to these dimensions and affix it to the sofa using L brackets.
Be sure to secure the base only into the exterior frame of the couch and not the thin supporting cross beams.
You can paint or finish the base in any color you choose.

You now have a solid base surrounding the sofa and the days of getting down on the floor to retrieve lost toys are gone.

A Space All Their Own

What dog lover doesn’t want to pamper their pooch with a big plush bed for them to curl up in? But these large and comfy beds take up space and can leave you tripping over your snoozing companion when they are getting a little R&R in the middle of the living room. The solution? Give them a space all their own using the unused space under the stairs.

If the space under the stairs is not currently blocked in, then you’re already well on your way to creating your dog’s pad. If the space is blocked, start by removing the drywall to give access to this space. You may choose to remove the drywall in only a smaller section if your dog is on the smaller side, or you may opt to cut out much of the wall to make full use of the space.

Once you’ve opened up the space, you will now add drywall to the inside of the cubby to create finished walls. Tape and mud the walls and give them a coat of paint in your dog’s favorite color. It’s likely your flooring won’t extend under your stairs, but you can add inexpensive carpet by buying the end of the roll. Buy a bed to fit and maybe put in a toy bin in the extra space.

You can decorate the inside and front of your dog’s room however you choose! If you crate your dog and you’ve created a large enough space, you can also add a gate to the front to allow them to spend your time away in their new cozy and comfortable bedroom.

Functional Furr-niture

If you crate your dog, you know how important that space can be for your pet. It is their comfort zone, it keeps them safe while you’re away and keeps them from finding trouble around the house. However, these crates take up space and can become an eyesore when kept in living rooms or other family spaces. By repurposing old furniture, you can create a cozy crate for your pet that looks great and adds function.There are many ways to create this new space for your dog. An easy solution is to upcycle an old dresser.

Using a strong and sturdy old dresser, remove the bottom drawers to create an open space. The size of the dresser and the number of drawers you remove will depend on your dog. Place plywood in the now exposed base of the dresser to create a floor. Give the whole thing a new look with fresh paint. Install grated doors over the now open fronts and fill their new space with soft beds and favorite toys. You can now use the remaining drawers for storing leashes and treats, and place their framed portraits on the tabletop.

These inexpensive DIYs are a great way to incorporate your love for your dog into your space, and the finished products are sure to get tails wagging and paws tapping when these projects are complete.