Fall In Love with Your Home Again with These 10 Super Cool Reno Ideas

It’s no secret that home renovations increase the value of a home. Home improvement projects can also improve the functionality of a house and lower energy costs. If you think your home is tired-looking and needs an updated look, Emerge2 can help you get started! Here are ten super cool reno ideas focused on well-being and efficiency that may relight the spark between you and your home once again.

Build a Secret Room Using a Bookcase Door

Who doesn’t love a secret room? Having a hidden room in your home has been a fantasy for many people. A DIYer with a few tools and minimal carpentry skills could make this dream a reality! Depending on the space you would be working in, you could either replace a door with a bookcase within an existing door frame or build a new wall specifically for the bookcase.

Using center pivot hinges instead of side hinges will help prevent sagging when the bookcase holds books. A secret room makes a unique space for kids, or a personal space to hide away from the rest of the house.

Create a Living Wall

Living walls, green walls, and vertical gardens – you’ve seen this display of plants in hotels or corporate buildings. Why not bring nature into your home and create a positive connection with plants? Build a custom frame to suit the space, or pick up a pre-made frame made from wood.

Select your plants based on available lighting, required maintenance and style. Ferns, bromeliads, succulents and vines are low-maintenance plants that would thrive in a living wall.

Get Smart Home Devices

Smart technology at home makes your life easier. Automated devices are available for every room inside and any space outside a house. All you need is the internet and your smartphone to control them. Most smart technology can also be voice controlled and have programmable routines. Add new technology to your home for customizable features to enhance your day-to-day activities.

Here is some of the latest home technology on the market today:

  • Outdoor security cameras and doorbells
  • Smart speakers like Alexa, Google Nest or Amazon Echo
  • Smart light bulbs
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart kitchen appliances
  • Robot vacuums
  • Smart beds
  • Smart air purifiers
  • Smart baby monitors
  • Smart faucets
  • Robot lawn mowers
  • Smart grill and smokers

Build a Built-in Showcase Wall

We collect treasures as we travel through life: washed-up beach wood from a family trip, a homemade bowl from overseas, or a photo taken by your favorite photographer. If you have a large blank wall, a built-in showcase wall is just what you need to display those special memories, unique gadgets, and random household items.

This reno idea certainly checks the box for both functionality and style! Best of all, it is customized to your taste and space. Add lights and crown molding for a high-end look and feel.

Turn a Flat Ceiling Into a Vaulted Ceiling

If you have a flat ceiling, you could open it up and convert it to a show-stopping vaulted ceiling. It involves work on a home’s structural components. Depending on the space, this project will run anywhere from $18,000 to $38,000. An experienced contractor must complete a vaulted ceiling.

Vaulted ceilings not only make a room feel larger than it is but introduce more natural light to a home, especially when there are skylights or large windows close by.

Add a Conversation Pit to Your Home

Sunken living rooms, recessed living areas, or conversation pits have been around for over a century, and although the trend may have slowed down, this design style is still around. And for good reasons! This unique space creates an intimate and comfortable area in an open floor plan.

Can you add a sunken living room to an existing home? It’s doable but not easy, and could require altering the foundation. However, a home addition is the perfect opportunity to incorporate a sunken space into your home’s decor.

Reno the Space Under the Stairs

If you have an unused space under a stairway, this home improvement idea should be at the top of your reno list. There are a lot of ideas to utilize this space and make your home more functional and organized. Keep it simple and add storage shelves and pull-out drawers for shoes and outerwear. You can also convert it to a small home office, pet house, or home bar with a pullout cart. For book lovers, this might be the space you’ve need for a mini-library or reading nook.

DIY Rail Bar

With only a few pieces of lumber, basic hardware, and wood stain, create a one-of-a-kind rail bar for your outdoor space. Create a place to put your drink or coffee, use it to prepare food for the grill, or even as a home for your plants. Uses for the bar are endless and will change how you use your outside area. Make the bar static or add hinges to fold down.

Makeover Your Entryway

You want to see a beautiful entryway when you open the front door and walk into your home. A beautiful space that is organized to suit your life and helps your day-to-day routines. This space should set the tone for your home and reflect your style.

Here are some ways you can update your entryway to have it work better for you and give an outstanding first impression:

  • Add repurposed seating like a church pew or theatre seats
  • DIY board and batten wainscotting
  • Replace the flooring with a new tile pattern
  • Add a statement rug
  • Put up hooks
  • Add wallpaper
  • DIY bench seating with under-the-bench storage
  • Add plants or a door wreath, real or faux

Install Countertop Waste Bins

Imagine being able to scrap your compostable items, recyclables or trash into a hidden bin right in your workspace when you’re cooking. It saves you time, hides your waste and makes sorting effortless.

Two types of this time-saving kitchen feature include a small bowl that fits tightly into your countertop that you simply lift out when it’s full and a countertop chute with bins underneath. While both options serve the same purpose, the first option would work well if you’re preparing small meals and don’t produce much waste. The second option is ideal if you need more functionality and have more people in your home.

Life is busy, and everyone deserves a comfortable home, and works best for them. Speak with us at Emerge2, and we’ll help you fall in love with your home again.