4 No-Fuss Bathroom Makeover Ideas

If you’ve ever watched HGTV or one of the many shows on remodels and renovations, you’ll know that bathrooms are key to helping your home go from feeling tired and outdated to refreshed and energized.

While a bathroom update is a great idea, the reality is a full renovation can creep into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Don’t despair! Here are four bathroom makeover ideas that help transform old, outdated bathrooms without spending big bucks.

Tip #1: Focus on Color

If your bathroom suffers from tired-looking tile, don’t worry. Consider color your best friend. While it would cost a bundle to rip out and install brand new tile, you can de-emphasize or change the focus of the tile with the right painting plan.

Consider painting the walls, medicine cabinet and even the vanity a neutral color such as white, to let the tile color stand out. With a clean background that doesn’t compete for attention, the tile can speak for itself and become a focal point of the room.

If the tile isn’t an issue, but your bathroom feels dreary and drab, look to the color wheel for inspiration. Updating the walls with complementary hues helps unify the look and feel of your bathroom. Try palettes that include blues and greens — two complementary colors that introduce feelings of relaxation and tranquility.

Tip #2: Update all the Fixtures

A leaky or old faucet – in the sink, bathtub and shower – will need to be replaced. While faucets can be expensive, they are relatively cheap when it comes to updating a bathroom. Pick plumbing fixtures from reputable companies that offer good warranties, and that will complement the look and feel of your bathroom.

Don’t stop at the plumbing fixtures. Turn your attention to vanity lights and out-of-date wall sconces. Replacing old and outdated light fixtures is a great way to spruce up your bathroom at a fraction of the cost of more labor-intensive renovations.

As a rule, concentrate on eliminating dark spaces. A bright, well-lit bathroom – particularly one with adjustable lighting in the right spots, such as the bathtub area – adds a lot of value for potential home buyers and helps you set the right mood.

Now, turn your attention to your bathroom’s hardware. Replacing door knobs, towel racks and cabinet handles can dramatically change the look of your bathroom for a relatively low cost.

Tip #3: Follow the Rule of Three

When updating your bathroom, consider following the designer’s rule of three: when using color, make sure you use it three times to lock it in as an anchor in the design scheme. For instance, choose a towel color that complements your bathroom’s tile color and then add in decor elements such as curtains or artwork.

The repetition of color helps make each choice intentional (even if it’s not), which gives a sense of completeness to the room.

Tip #4: Caulk and Grout

It might not feel sexy, but replacing the caulk and grout in your bathroom will seriously update this much-used room in your house at a minimal cost. Start by trying to clean the grout first.

This may be a tedious job, but restoring its original hue can make the surrounding elements seem brighter. If cleaning doesn’t work, you may need to talk to your local hardware store specialist for tips on replacing grout.

The same goes for caulk. Although inexpensive, a fresh application of clear or white caulk brings out the other elements in your bathroom and prevents moisture from eroding the structure of the bathroom. When it comes to updating an old, tired bathroom on a budget, small details can make a big difference.