1-Hour Fixes to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Are you dreaming of a kitchen remodel, but when you go in to make your morning coffee you find the same old kitchen you had yesterday? If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen but find yourself short on time, consider these one-hour kitchen fixes to upgrade your space now.

Full disclosure – we can’t guarantee you’ll get these projects done in just one hour. That will depend somewhat on your experience, the size of your kitchen and, of course, your natural-born handiness. However, we will guarantee these jobs are quick and relatively easy, especially compared to a kitchen remodel!

Replace the Faucet

Does your sink still have the old boring faucet that came with the sink when it was installed? You don’t know the joy a kitchen faucet can bring until you’ve tried out a modern faucet. It can be both visually interesting and practical, available with extending hoses and multiple water settings. Upgrading your faucet can give a lavish look and provide practical benefits.

Change the Hardware

Changing your drawer pulls and cupboard knobs is quick and easy, and the range of options is endless. If you have outdated hardware, you might want to go for sleek metal designs to modernize your look. If you have a certain style to your kitchen, whether mid-century or farmhouse style, there are knobs to suit any look, whether you want them to be a standout feature or to complement your kitchen design.

Change the Switch Plates

Along with your cupboard hardware, light switch covers can show the age of your kitchen, especially if they are looking dirty and dingy. New switch covers can be replaced for an updated, fresh look. It’s also an opportunity to add a unique and eye-catching style to your kitchen.

Switch out the Lighting

Changing a light fixture can be done in no time at all and is the perfect opportunity to add some creativity and style to your space. Also, if the lighting is not good, it can be frustrating when trying to work and cook in the kitchen, so upgrading the lighting has its practical benefits as well. You’ll find lighting options will range in price and style, which means whatever your vision or budget, you can find a great fixture to upgrade your kitchen.

Add Some Shelving

Well-placed floating shelves add style and are also great for additional storage. Look for interesting places to add the shelves, such as over your kitchen window, or create extra space above or below your existing cabinets.

Get Organized

An organized space can go a long way in helping you enjoy your time in the kitchen. Using organizing inserts, sliding shelves or installing a Lazy Susan can help make more use of your existing space. Colorful china or coordinated jars make great display items that double as storage spaces.

Cover the Counters

You certainly can’t replace your kitchen countertops in under an hour, but if you have countertops that you don’t like and are tired of looking at, you can obscure them by adding large wood cutting boards to detract from the counter underneath. If you’ve got a little more time and ambition, there are products available for painting or resurfacing kitchen countertops.

Install Tile (Stickers!)

While it won’t have quite the same look as actual tiles, sticker tiles take a fraction of the time and cost to install. They are self-adhesive and designed to look like tile. They come in a wide array of designs and styles and can be installed in minutes. They’re also much easier to remove than real tiles. All you need is a heat gun and a little patience.

If you want to make quick changes for a more enjoyable kitchen, any of these options can be done in no time at all. Of course, another option to make a big impact with little time is to apply a fresh coat of paint in a bright, bold color.