Garage Renovation Ideas

Has your garage become a space filled with unmarked boxes and forgotten sports equipment? Are you wanting to get more from this under-used space but not quite sure where to begin? Making the best of your garage space can add plenty of value and enjoyment; plus, it’s a whole lot easier to find those old skis when you need them! Here are some ideas to get your garage back into shape.

Get More From Your Space

You can get more use from your garage space in a few ways. Whatever the garage is being used for, you can make it a more useful space year-round by weatherizing the room so it is useful in all seasons. You will need to insulate the garage -- this goes for either an attached or detached garage. If your garage is attached, not only will adding insulation make it a more usable space year round but it will help to regulate the temperature of any rooms that share a wall with your garage. This will help you save money on your indoor heating. Even if your garage is detached, it’s still a good idea to insulate. If you’re parking the car in the garage you want to protect it from extreme temperatures. If you’re converting the garage into a multipurpose space, there’s no doubt adding insulation is a must-do. In addition to insulating the walls you might want to invest in an insulated garage door. If you’ve done the work to insulate the walls you don’t want the weather coming in through the door as this will have a considerable impact on regulating the temperature of your garage. Many steel garage doors now come with foam insulation.

Another point to consider for insulating your garage is the roof. If your roof is old and damaged it may need replacing. Once you’ve insulated, you might consider adding a heat source or even a method of cooling to your garage depending on its intended purpose. Perhaps you can add new ducting that ties into your existing furnace and central air. If not, you might install a wood burning stove or separate air conditioning unit. 

Once your garage is suitable for all-season use, the options available are endless: perhaps an at-home gym, or additional space for your home office. You might even like some additional entertaining space by adding a games room, complete with a bar, dart board and recliners. The point is, the space in your garage can be made into a multitude of both fun and practical uses.

A Simple and Practical Face Lift

Get organized with storage solutions 

If you’re not looking to change the use of your garage but want to make it a more accessible space, you can give it a simple and practical facelift with a few upgrades and repairs. The most important step will likely be adding additional storage and organization. This can make a great DIY project and there are many predesigned storage systems available and ready to install. This will keep your items neat and organized and give you more space for other things like a workbench or parking your car. Use all the space available to you. Consider adding a loft space to free up square footage for other uses or add ceiling storage for out-of-season items with additional beams and wall hangers.

Give some TLC to the floor

It’s likely your garage came with a poured concrete floor that has collected cracks and stains over time. Your garage floor will make a considerable difference in its overall look. Refresh your garage floor by repairing cracks and resurfacing. You can also add an epoxy finish. Epoxied floors will repel stains and are great if you like to work on your car or use the space as a workshop. Other options include removable rubber tiles and hybrid polymer flooring. Depending on how you will be using your space, you can also finish your garage floor with almost any flooring you use inside your home. While carpeting may seem impractical, high quality vinyl plank flooring is incredibly durable and will give a beautiful look to your garage.

Let there be light

If your garage is dark and void of natural light, you might want to add additional windows to make it a more welcoming space. If this will only be where you park your car this might seem like an unnecessary upgrade but if you’ll be spending time in the space either as an office, a games room or workshop you’ll be glad for the additional light and improved air circulation. You can also brighten up your garage with a fresh coat of paint. 

Time for an upgrade

Another worthy feature for your garage makeover would be upgrading your garage door and opener.  A new garage door can also do wonders to improve the curb appeal of your property. Options for garage doors include aluminum, steel, wood and even glass panel. Besides adding beauty to your space, the right garage door can add to your home’s security and energy savings.

Garage Renovation Ideas

If your garage is unused or under-used, unorganized or unloved, it’s a blank canvas awaiting your personal touches and ready to offer all kinds of uses. What could your new found space become?