Wow-Worthy Ideas for Weekend Bathroom Makeovers on a Budget

Your bathroom is the perfect opportunity to add style to your home. Emerge2 has some ideas for you to consider. The options and inspirations for a knockout bathroom design are endless. However, having your bathroom out of order for an extended renovation just isn’t practical. Consider these ideas for giving your bathroom a fresh new look without a long renovation, with lots of opportunities for flexing your DIY muscles.

Reinvent Your Vanity

You might be surprised to find out that most bathroom vanities come in standard heights and widths. This is good news for weekend DIYers like yourself. If you’re looking for a quick and easy update to your bathroom that will make a big impact, this might be the fastest. Chances are you can remove your old outdated vanity and install a new one in no time at all, and without much disruption to your plumbing or the rest of your bathroom. You may need to recaulk or repaint the area, depending on your current vanity and what’s around it, but in many cases, the work would be minimal.

If you’re looking to save a little more money but are willing to put in a little more time, you might consider updating the vanity you already have. A fresh coat of paint and some new hardware can make a big impression. You can even refinish the sink top of your vanity to change the color and style with many options available, including giving it a look of stone or concrete.

Refresh Your Bathtub

Refresh your bathtub

If your bathtub has lost its shine and is stained with the ghosts of baths long since drained, you can give that old bathtub new life without replacing it. One popular method is to install a bath overlay. There are many companies that do this and will be in and out of your home in a day. You can purchase liners to DIY the project. The liners can be installed over the existing bathtub as well as the shower walls and come in a variety of textures and colors.

A lesser known, and often less expensive option, is to reglaze the tub. Additionally, reglazing can be used where tub liners won’t work, such as with claw foot or irregular shaped tubs. Professional reglazers will come in and strip the finish off your tub and tile surround and spray a new paint and glaze for a fresh look. Typically, the reglazing is done in a few hours and the tub cannot be used for 24 hours while the glaze cures.

For adventurous DIYers, tub and tile refinishing kits are available, but you can expect the project to take a little bit longer and be a whole lot more work. The DIY kits often take a few days to fully cure and because they do not use the industrial tools and chemicals (though there are still strong chemicals in use and proper ventilation is absolutely necessary) much more prep work is required to sand the tiles and tub for the glaze to stick to the existing surface.

Add Some Style with Tile

Style with Tile

Beautiful tile can provide a big impact for little expense. If your current shower isn’t tiled, that’s a great place to start, but you could also tile other areas such as vanity backsplash or exterior face of your bathtub. Of course, the biggest option for tiling in your bathroom is the flooring. Removing your existing flooring and working around existing fixtures may require more work than you planned to get this project done in a weekend.

Quickest Fixes

Quickest Fixes

If you want to change up the look of your bathroom without taking on too much work, the first place to start is paint and décor. Every DIYer can pick up a paint brush and enliven their bathroom with a fresh coat of paint. New shelves, creative storage or a decorative mirror are just a few of the ways to add style to your space. Change out your faucets and handles with modern updates or sprinkle some extravagance in your shower with a new luxury showerhead.

When it comes to these bathroom renovation ideas, a few days can go a long way. Select one this weekend to get started toward your new bathroom style.

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