How To: Create the Perfect Cozy Book Nook

Comfortable spots for a peaceful retreat have become so important in our homes. While it’s possible to curl-up almost anywhere with a good book, an avid reader will turn to their book nook — that special spot that evokes serene feelings.

If your home lacks a spot like this, don’t despair. Emerge2 has some solutions. You can always create one in your bedroom, living room, or even an unused corner of your rec room. It’s possible to create a cozy, comfortable book nook in almost any home.

One option is to go big. Hire a contractor to knock out (or add) a few walls and create the perfect spot in your home. Of course, not everyone wants to bust their budget for a book room.

Another option is to DIY a custom or built-in bench. The bench could go under the stairs or you could transform an under-used closet and create your own personal reading nook and library.

Here are eight tips to create your best book nook.

#1: Pick a spot

You don’t need a ton of space for a reading nook. Pick a spot or space or a part of a room (or even an entire room) and start creating your safe, reading spot.

#2: Use soft materials

Whether it’s a soft, comfortable chair, a warm, cozy blanket or fluffy pillow, adding a bit of soft, comforting texture to your reading nook reinforces the cozy comfort you create.

If you set up a reading nook as a window seat or in a corner, consider adding a fabric headboard as a seat backing. Not only does this help define your reading nook space, but also offers a comfortable place to sit back and relax.

Step #3: Include a bookshelf

If you’re working with a small space such as a closet, under the stairs, or a window seat, you’ll want to add a built-in bookshelf. This will keep clutter at bay and help you display your most-loved books.

Step #4: Display a gallery wall

You can’t keep your nose in a book all the time. To help create that serene and inspiring spot, consider choosing decor that defines your book nook. It could be a gallery wall that surrounds you with family photos and favorite memories. Another option is to display vintage signs, or photos of a passion or hobby — such as butterflies, sailboats or mountain scenery.

Step #5: Add houseplants

It’s scientifically proven that having plants around you eases the mind and lifts the spirits. To bring that serenity into your book nook, add some houseplants. Good options include succulents, which don’t require a lot of care or water, but do require direct sunlight and warmer spots in your home.

Step #6: Keep it lit

If you are fortunate enough to create a book nook beside or near a window, be sure to maximize the light source. Keep light-diffusing blinds or sheer curtains on the window to help create a softer energy and space.

If you don’t have a book nook near a window, add your own lighting. A few wall sconces, floor lamps or table lamps will go a long way to adding light, warmth and comfort to your book nook.

Step #7: Connect it

While book nooks inspire thoughts of comfortable quietness surrounded by pages and pages of creativity, not all our reading is done in the pages of a good novel. Installing outlets and charging stations in your reading nook will help you keep your ebooks and tablets charged and ready for use. Even better, if the kids need a quiet time-out place to relax, the book nook can act as a go-to place (and maybe even a spot for them to curl up with their own books).

Step #8: Sneak in storage

Who couldn't use a bit more storage? If you decide to do custom built-ins, consider adding hidden but accessible storage. A bench seat that can double as blanket storage is a good option, along with floating shelves or a footstool storage box.

Take these eight steps and you’ll transform that under-used closet, rarely used window space, or empty corner into the perfect reading space for you and your entire family.

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to visit Emerge2 for assistance. We would be happy to help you in any way we can.