Storage Solutions: Build, Buy & Repurpose

Having things is great until you need somewhere to put them. The joy of a new purchase can quickly swing to the anxiety of having clutter when you realize that your shelves are full, your closets stuffed, and don’t even think about fitting anything else in the basement.

Instead of getting overwhelmed, get inspired! Emerge2 wants to share some great ideas you can implement throughout your house. Many of these can be accomplished by repurposing items you already have, while others transform low-cost products into high-quality solutions. Take control and keep your belongings organized, tidy and easy to find.

Wicker Basket Towel Racks

There’s something about bathrooms that lends them to chaos. Needing to accommodate the personal needs of multiple people can do that to a room. Things get even more complicated when you want to have a space that’s also welcoming to guests as well as family members.

Keep clean towels on hand but out of the way by hanging wicker baskets from the wall. Cheap to buy, these baskets are shallow yet look good and provide enough space to hold plenty of fresh towels.

Mason Jars for Tools

Any workspace can be improved with a good sort-and-store solution. Repurpose mason jars as containers for nails, screws, and other building needs. Better yet, affix the lids to the bottom of cabinets and shelves to keep them visible but out of the way. Simply unscrew the jar as needed and return when finished.

Plastic Bins as Drawers

Most cupboards would benefit from sliding drawers, but that’s not always practical. Instead, buy clear plastic bins to store your things instead. That way, when you need something from that cupboard, you can slide the bin out and get what you need.

Storage Bench

Great for both indoors and out, a storage bench is a great way to gain functionality while benefiting from a place to put your things and keeping them out of sight. A bench can easily be incorporated into any room and can be used to store many different items. Place one at your front entranceway to solve the issue of organizing outerwear. Keep extra blankets and pillows in one at the foot of the bed. Whatever challenge your room offers, a storage bench is a likely solution.

Buying a new bench is obviously the easiest way to get one. This is especially true if you want to keep it outside, as it will be built to withstand the elements and keep your items dry. However, making your own doesn’t have to be difficult.

Old TV stands, cabinets and drawers make great storage bench projects. Outfit them with drawers or sliding doors, or simply hang a blanket over them and finish with some throw pillows. You’ll have a great way to manage clutter while also having a place to rest after you finish cleaning.

Freezer Box Bins

As necessary as freezers are, they can also be a nightmare to keep organized. No matter how hard you arrange the things you put away, there’s always something that will find its way to the back corner, where it will remain for years.

Add some order to your freezer by recycling cardboard boxes for sorting your items. Cut them down to a manageable size and label them. Not only does this allow you to keep similar items together, but it also means that you have easy access to items at the back of the freezer as well as the front.

Kids’ Art Gallery

If you have young children, then you have a large collection of their artwork. But while you’re undoubtedly proud, you’re probably also trying to figure out where to keep it all.

Put their work on display with some string and clothespins. Use thumb tacks or nails to secure the string, then simply hang the art as it comes through. Not only does it allow you to display the great work your kids are doing, but it adds {{substitution|colour}} and character to any space.

PVC Pipe Storage

One challenge of proper storage is keeping things sorted. It’s all too easy for closets and cupboards to lose their sense of order.

Keep small items together with sections of PVC piping. Hardware, jewelry and even underwear can be kept in order with this simple solution. All you need is a section of pipe that’s three-inches in diameter cut into segments. Place them in drawers or glue them to a wooden surface, and you now have a practical way to keep your things sorted. PVC can be easily painted and decorated, if you’re so inclined.

Keeping your home clean is often a case of keeping it organized. Use these ideas to not only gain more space but also improve the way you store things.

If you need more information or have questions, visit Emerge2. Our team is always ready to help you with what you need. We're here to assist you in any way we can.