The Best Tips & Ideas for Creating an Incredible Accent Wall

At Emerge2, we believe that a great way to add that pop of wow to your home’s decor is to start with an accent wall. An accent wall is a relatively simple and budget-friendly way to make a major impact on the decor of any room. If you’ve never created an accent wall before, it can be a bit intimidating. To help, here are five tips to get started.

Tip #1: Don’t be shy. An accent wall is exactly the right spot to go big and bold.

Tip #2: Think outside the box. Paint is a great place to start, but don’t limit yourself to painting only. For more great accent wall ideas, see below.

Tip #3: Do consider an accent wall even if you’re keeping the overall decor in a room very neutral. Accent walls can work very well in neutral, muted spaces, as well as big, bold and bright rooms.

Tip #4: Don’t think accent walls are limited to bright colors or bold treatments. Even neutral color schemes can work well when applied to an accent wall – for example, a creamy, dark chocolate brown can be just as dramatic as a fuschia pink when applied to an accent wall.

Tip #5: While the accent wall is a stand-alone design element, it still needs to blend with the rest of the room’s decor. When choosing what type, style and color to use for your accent wall, be sure it also works with the rest of the room.

What type of accent wall should you choose?

Although paint is still a great option, to get the most out of your accent wall, consider more than simply a new color or a fresh coat. Instead, consider how you want to customize. This is a time to get creative. To inspire your inner interior designer, here are six incredible accent wall ideas that you can easily recreate in any room.

Idea #1: Paint an accent wall

Color is the least expensive and simplest way to create an amazing painted accent wall. It takes little more than a gallon of paint and an afternoon on the weekend to apply.

If you opt for a painted accent wall, focus on the right color. Select a color and hue that goes well with your current decor and highlights what you want to showcase. For instance, if the accent wall is to be the focal point of the room, then you may want a bright, bold color to offset more neutral tones of your furniture and room decor. If the accent wall is part of the decor plan, then pick a color that ties the room together. For example, a wall painted gold may be a great option to balance out taupe-inspired furniture that surrounds an off-center fireplace. Don’t be afraid to use online programs or apps to play with color in order to make the right choice for the room.

Idea #2: Add stencils to your painted accent wall

If you want to personalize and customize your painted accent wall, consider adding stencils to the painting process. What’s great about wall stencils is that they don’t require you to repaint your entire accent wall (or you can and then add the stencil color on top of the new color choice). The stencil paint color doesn’t have to be very different, bright or dramatic to create that desired contrast. Even stencil designs that use neutral colors will create a unique look and feel and help add depth and contrast to the wall.

Good design options to look for when including stencils in your painted accent wall include geometric patterns, Moroccan designs and classic designs, such as Herringbone.

Idea #3: Add a faux-finish to your painted accent wall

There was a time when faux-finish walls were all the rage. Homeowners paid professionals to add castle-like rock wall finishes or Italian-style crumbling brick wall finishes. These days the elaborate faux-finishes are no longer in vogue. However, some faux-finishes are still popular, such as using metallic paints (with or without plaster techniques) that create a faux-finish accent wall that shimmers and shines — a great option for those looking for a glamorous or glitzy-style accent wall.

Idea #4: Try temporary wood planking

Recycled wood is popping up everywhere from benches to countertops and tables and now wall coverings. However, recycled wood can be an expensive product. To keep costs down, consider temporary wood planking. With this relatively new product (at least for residential applications), you can quickly and affordably add that lovely weathered look to any room. Look for a product that allows you to peel-and-stick the wood plank panels, which helps you easily create an accent wall without a lot of tools and fuss.

Idea #6: Build a showcase wall

Want an accent wall with functionality? Consider building a showcase wall. Whether you opt for custom storage or off-the-shelf options, you can create an accent wall that allows you to showcase your art and collectibles, hide your TV or other electronics and still create a visual center-point for your room. For the best results, add in LED lighting and paint the back wall of open shelves.

Idea #7: Try temporary wallpaper

For a very budget-friendly and noncommittal option that is very, very popular right now, try temporary wallpaper. Often called ‘renter's wallpaper,’ it’s basically a large, reusable vinyl-style sticker that doesn’t require paste or water to apply.

Temporary wallpaper comes in a variety of textures and colors and the best’s not permanent!

If you are using this option as part of an accent wall, consider bold, big designs, such as thick vertical stripes or large geometric designs.

Remember, your accent wall is an opportunity to let your inner interior design dance and shine. Don’t be afraid to experience and try something new. Quite often, it works out just right.

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