Top Interior Décor Trends for 2022

2022 is going to be green – fresh, natural and sustainable.

If you’re thinking of refreshing a space or creating a new feel in your home, Emerge2 encourages you to have a look at these inspiring interior décor trends for 2022.

The new trends are taking their cue from what we have learned during the pandemic, and what we value most. As we adapted our space for working from home, often with children and pets, interior design and décor choices were also influenced by a growing awareness of our impact on the environment. 2022 is looking hopeful!

Décor trends are firmly focused on:

  • The color green
  • Earth-friendly natural materials
  • Environmental responsibility in terms of sustainable sourcing.

Get ready for the colors of 2022 – soothing shades of green, grey and blue. You can also expect to see more subtle and warm colors like white, ivory, taupe, and beige.

Add a splash of drama to your rooms with the bold and vibrant 2022 colors – saffron, citron, chartreuse and deep reds.

The outdoors will move inside with the beauty of botanical patterns on wallpaper and fabrics. Live plants and indoor gardens will also be beautifying rooms while helping to clean the air in our homes.

Trends in décor and furnishing materials

Our appreciation for natural and sustainable materials will grow as we find ourselves increasingly surrounded by technology.

  • Natural stone, glass, onyx, marble, granite
  • Lighter finishes in wood
  • Natural grass cloth wallpaper
  • Clay, brick, and ceramics
  • Cane, wicker
  • Linen, cotton

Sustainable and organic materials

Interior designers and their clients will continue to select materials responsibly by learning more about suppliers’ respect for the environment and working conditions.

Keep clutter at bay

The path to a peaceful living environment begins with a clean and organized space. Decluttering will continue to be a matter of course in 2022 as we spend more time at home.
Decorating will favor displaying personal keepsakes and treasures from travels, creating individualized and globally inspired rooms.

Durable and practical

Rooms will be more inviting and casual, with a lived-in look. Designers will be choosing more durable and practical furnishings and finishes as the trend to work from home continues.

A space of your own

There is a move away from open concept rooms, with more separate space and rooms for privacy, whether working, cooking, reading or relaxing.

The kitchen is the heart of the home

As kitchens have always been multi-functional spaces, often serving as office and homework zones, watch for more creative divider solutions for privacy and sound insulation.

Warmer colors are making a comeback in kitchen cabinetry, as the ever-popular white kitchen is on the way out.

Natural stone and soft metals will be in high demand in kitchens in 2022.

Home Offices

Home office design will ensure a more private, user-friendly workspace with handy storage cabinets and a window, preferably with a beautiful view.

Sustainable furniture choices such as vintage desks will be selected for their originality and long-lasting workmanship. Space-saving convertible and multi-functional furniture such as fold-away desks, tables and beds will be a practical addition to the home in 2022.

Watch for multi-purpose tables and contemporary daybeds, both indoors and out.

Living Room

Circular shapes will appear in the design of sofas, lamps and coffee tables, making homes more inviting, comfortable and cozy.

A growing awareness of the damaging effects to the environment of throw-away furniture is leading to a renewed interest in solid, well-made eco-friendly antiques and vintage furniture. When you find that one-of-a-kind vintage piece, you can refinish it in a less glossy and lighter, warmer tone.


In 2022, the role of the bedroom as sanctuary will grow, as it provides a relaxing refuge from the busy work day and social areas of the home.

Peaceful paint colors, combined with soft-edged furnishings, floral fabrics and wallpaper, will create a restful room that invites sleep. Natural materials such as cane, wicker, wood, higher quality breathable linens and cottons from sustainable sources will add comfort and beauty.


Décor trends see the continuation of the “spa” bathroom at home.

The merging of indoors and outdoors is already popular for bathroom design. 2022 will continue this theme with more use of wood and large windows giving a view to the outdoors. Look for open concept showers, wet rooms, and double showers with rain heads.

Natural stone for walls and floors, matching stone countertops, and large-format wall tiles will also be popular design choices. Earthy green and taupe tubs are moving into the bathroom, long dominated by white fixtures.

Bathroom designs will feature an artistic mix of metal finishes on faucets, light fixtures and accessories.

2022 Interior décor stays outdoors

Outdoor spaces for socializing will continue to be popular in 2022. Indeed, interior décor has already moved outside, transforming patios, terraces and porches into beautiful, comfy living areas for family and friends to spend time together.

You can expect to see more practical and elegant lighting options, indoor/outdoor carpets, weather-resistant textiles and furnishings, cooking areas, pizza ovens, and full kitchens. 

We hope this sneak peak at 2022 interior décor trends adds some inspiration to your decorating plans! Happy New Year!

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