Creating Backyard Privacy Without a Fence

When looking to create backyard privacy, the immediate solution that probably comes to mind is building a fence. However, if you’re working with a unique space or don’t want to close in your whole property, there are a number of versatile and beautiful options for creating cozy backyard privacy without building a fence.

Plant Your Own Privacy

Whether you’re looking to build a privacy barrier around your entire backyard or just want to add a little privacy surrounding your patio, using plants is an incredibly versatile option. 

If you want a barrier but prefer the look of greenery in your yard, one solid, large, tall hedge will do the trick. Depending on your budget, you can buy a larger hedge ready to block out nosy neighbours, or plant a smaller hedge that will grow over time. While it will require some ongoing maintenance, planting a hedge will continue giving you privacy all year round without the need for replanting in the spring. 

If you don’t like the look of one single large hedge, you will get similar coverage by planting several smaller growing trees or shrubs close together. Depending on your choice of plants, a wall of individual deciduous trees will also grow over the years to provide more privacy and will not need replanting in the spring. With many individual plants you also have the added option of intermixing several types of trees to create your own unique look. 

If you’re looking to create privacy for a smaller area -- perhaps just a section to block the side of your patio but still want to add some greens to space -- consider planting a living wall. From a trellis with growing vines to pallet walls of built-in planters, living walls can be designed in an endless variety of looks using nearly as large a variety of plants. 

If you’re going green to create your privacy solutions, it’s a good idea to talk with your garden centre about what plants will best suit your needs and expectations for upkeep.

Pretty Partitions

Just like planting for privacy, using partitions in a variety of materials can allow you to make beautiful and eye-catching privacy whether you’re looking to close one side, a small space, or even your whole yard. If you want a fence without the fence, corrugated metal fencing will give you complete privacy and keep in the pets while giving your yard a modern and unique look. Pair corrugated metal with wood posts for a softer and contracting look. Additionally, corrugated metal fencing is likely a cheaper alternative to traditional wood fences. If you’re working with a larger budget and want to create a long-lasting, substantial barrier, stone walls create an outstanding one-of-a-kind look. Additionally, stone walls will hold up better than wood or metal fencing if you live somewhere with difficult weather.

If you want to create privacy without completely blocking out the view, consider creating a fence screen. Fence screens are constructed similar to traditional fences, but small spaces are left between each picket and sometimes pickets are placed on an angle to mimic slatted blinds. This gives you privacy but will still allow you to see through. Fence screens can be horizontal or vertical, for a large area or small and have many options for design and styles.

Movable and Removable

If you’re looking for something a little less permanent or you want to have the option to switch from a private setting to enjoying the view, one of these options might be best for you.

Movable partition screens will help you create privacy anywhere in your backyard at anytime. Want privacy from your neighbours during dinner on the patio? Want to create a space for the children to play out of the sun? Just pick up your movable partition screen and change your space in a moment. You can pick one up to suit your patio design or it can make a fun and easy DIY project to custom build your own.

Another option for privacy that you can have when you want -- and not when you don’t -- are outdoor curtains or blinds. This versatile option is perfect for anyone that wants to change up the amount of privacy on their patio quickly and easily. Hang curtains from an existing pergola or across your porch roof easily using standard curtain rods or suspension-held shower curtain rods. Available in many weights, colours and styles, outdoor curtains or blinds are a quick, easy and affordable solution to add elegant privacy to your backyard space.